Wallflowers are self-adhesive, ultra high quality photographic prints that are applied just like wall decals. There’s never been such a simple and affordable way to dramatically transform a room. Easy to apply and remove, washable with a damp sponge and printed in the USA using eco-friendly, fade resistant inks and bio-degradable fabric, Wallflowers introduce art into a space in a big way. They are easily removed and leave no residue on your wall, making them perfect for anyone. Wallflowers can be reapplied hundreds of times, so you can reuse them when you redecorate or move.

Wallflowers come in many sizes, so you can use them in a small dorm room or bathroom, to giant sizes that are incredible in larger spaces. They are cut out perfectly so you can put them on any color wall. Wallflowers are printed on a very smooth fabric that is matte, so they appear to be part of your wall, not a shiny sticker on your flat wall, like vinyl decals. Wallflowers can be used either indoors, or outdoors and depending on direct sun exposure, will last between four to ten years.

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